These Hot Chocolate Bombs are perfect as gifts, to share with your Family, or just for yourself!


What is a Hot Chocolate Bomb?

  • A white or milk chocolate shell filled with mini marshmellows and white or milk hot cocoa powder.
  • Vegetarian Bombs are an option for an additional cost (white or milk chocolate shell filled with Vegan marshmellows and white or milk hot cocoa powder)


Individual Bombs will come individually wrapped (as shown). Each multi-pack will come boxed (as shown).  For the multi-pack, please list how many of each flavour would you like in the box.  



  • Place Hot Chocolate Bomb in mug
  • Slowly pour steaming hot liquid over bomb
  • Stir and enjoy



  • Do Not put in refrigerator
  • Store at room temperature
  • Keep away from sunlight and heat
  • For optimal taste, consume within three weeks


If you'd like a custom order of Hot Chocolate Bombs, please submit a custom order form.

Hot Chocolate Bombs


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