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Sweet brown sugar and warm vanilla intertwine to create a warm and inviting scent, reminiscent of freshly baked sugar cookies, fresh from the oven.

Sugar Cookie Candle

Excluding Sales Tax
  • There are countless benefits to burning soy wax over Paraffin. Although Paraffin candles are generally inexpensive and can fill a
    room rapidly with a strong scent, it is a by-product of petroleum
    that when burned, releases toxic chemicals and known
    carcinogenic fumes into the air. Soy Wax is a renewable source
    made from soybean oil. It's technically not a "wax" but behaves like

    Long story short, it burns clean - no soot, no toxins, no junk in the
    air that you and your family breathe. It also burns at a lower
    temperature, resulting in a longer lasting candle.

    We use only high quality fragrance oils, free from harmful parabens
    and phthalates and no dyes, keeping the look neutral and clean for
    anv home decor.

    The end result is a clean looking, clean burning candle that adds
    sivle, subtle fragrance and warmth to any room.

  • Founded in 2019. Market Candle Company is proud to create
    clean burning Soy Wax candles in Newmarket Ontario.

    They offer clean, modern and approachable scents for your home
    while honouring the traditional craft of candle making. They
    carefully source our ingredients, using only the finest, to ensure a
    high quality product that can be enjoyed by your family and in
    your home.

    They're proud to be female and BIPOC owned, female employed
    and supporters of local charities, donating a portion of their
    monthly sales to worthy causes.

    What began as a kitchen counter project has grown to a 3000 sq
    foot production and order fulfillment facility, with over 50
    retailers across Canada, a dedicated and loyal client base, and the
    never ending desire to continue to grow, learn and expand their
    home fragrance offerings.

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